Are you good with computers plz help! *10points!*?

Answer use disk clean up on our hard driveuninstall programs you dont useyou might be using to much memory on your hard drive

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Anyone know any good songs the ones i like best gets the 10points!?

last christmas- roses are redtonight- fm staticmy heart- paramorewhispers in the dark- skilletfar away- nickelbacklow- flo ridacrazy b*tch- buckcherrynext to you- buckcherryheels over head- boys li... Read More »

10POINTS!! Is this a good youtube idea?

This will work fine. what u have mentioned will work on your machine.

10Points Would ombre hair look good on me?

I am not interested in the points but the ombre hair looks grate on you! But it is you choice it's not any of ours, so you pick what you want, and be happy about it. :)

Are Dell computers any good They seem to have some good offers on but not sure about them?

We use a healthy blend of Dell computers for Windows users here at work, and Macs for the design people.They seem to have a 3% lemon rate, where sometimes you just get crap parts and have to eventu... Read More »