Are you good at snapping your bones back in place?

Answer Muscles are tight and pulling it out of it's socket. You can free up the muscles in your wrist which should get that to stop for you and here's how to free them up:Wrist:With hand resting in front... Read More »

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My friend's aunt works at the American Idol place where the Idol Gives Back Concert is going to be this year. What should I wear I really want to look good for Danny N.?

Danny N. Is homosexual. Unless you are male you probably wont be attractive to him. If you are a guy, then maybe wear some clothes that bring out your looks. Dont wear over bight colors, dark color... Read More »

Will accutane harm my bones /back/joints while playing sports?

Obviously the other answerer knows nothing. Anyway, no, Accutane does not hurt your bones, just dries them out. It dries everything out - your skin, eyes, hair, cartilage, tissue.....everything. Th... Read More »

Where is a good place for a girl to place a quote tattoo?

Get it in cursive and put it on your back upper right side, or along ur ribs although the ribs might hurt a bit more.Also I think your idea is a great

Are ham bones good for dogs?

On One Hand: Cooked Ham BonesNever give a pet a cooked bone of any kind including ham bones since cooked bones can splinter easily, causing a rupture in your dog's intestines. Even cooked bones sol... Read More »