Are you going to lose your contacts if you system update your Android phone?

Answer Samsung S8300 Tocco Ultra, LG KF510, Nokia N97

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How to Force Your Android Phone to Check for a System Update?

Android phones usually check for software updates every few hours. If you would like to check for Android and application updates early, you can force an update check by entering a special code in ... Read More »

How do you sync your contacts from facebook onto your android phone?

You cant, its a symbian OS, which is worse than the Apple OS!

How do update your phone to android 2.1?

just wait for OTA update (automaticaly over the air)

How do you update your android 1.5 phone moto cliq?

Nope, Well yeah you have to do all sorts of bad stuff to it.. after you did it all it would just be a normal phone that looks cool..Nothing that it features would work, Sorry