Are you going to get drunk Christmas Eve?

Answer 'can i get a hell yea' i started friday........onit! you have a good one mate! xx

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I'm 14, should I be going out and getting drunk?

At 14, you should be having sleepovers and not hangovers. I'm not trying to be smart or funny, just being honest.Hopefully, hanging out with your friends, you won't feel pressured. If they are fr... Read More »

Getting drunk on my 21st birthday and going to casino?

That's a nice casino! Slots are really fun while you're drinking. I usually go for penny or quarter slots while I'm drinking, otherwise I'd end up losing a lot of money! Jack and Coke's are good. o... Read More »

Dizziness, Headaches, Feeling "Drunk" or "Drugged" and Sudden Tiredness/Sleepiness. What is going on?

This is so familiar to me. It sounds just like high blood sugar. PLEASE see your doctor and tell him what's been going on. Ask for a complete checkup including a glucose tolerance test, and an HbA1... Read More »

Late at night, why do cops follow/observe people who appear to be drunk and are going towards the parking lot?

To see if they're drunk or not. Since when is it bad for the police to be doing their job?In this case, your friend was smart to call a cab. Saved him a DUI and possibly worse.