Are you getting security warnings while on Y!A?

Answer I am a U.S. Government sub contracted employee who works on main frame computers and computer security is paramount. I receive security pubs monthly and have over 17 years experience repairing and ... Read More »

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How to Remove Security Warnings?

Microsoft Windows 7 continues the use of security warnings, which were introduced in Windows Vista. These alerts warn you when a program wants to modify something on your computer. While it might... Read More »

How to Remove Windows Security Center System Warnings?

The Windows Security Center is a suite of computer protection programs that come preinstalled with the operating system starting with Windows XP SP2. The Center provides anti-virus and anti-spyware... Read More »

I have picked up an unwelcomed "Security Tool" as it calls itself that pops up all of the time with warnings?

yes Dune get the Free Anti Virus AVG scans daily and it will get rid of it..New version available.Protect your PC from all web threats.Upgrade to version 9.0 today.Download NOW!.................. Read More »

Pacemaker Warnings?

Doctors place pacemakers in patients for various reasons. The heart may not be beating fast enough or there may be a problem with the electrical signals that cause the heart to beat. A doctor place... Read More »