3 getting slim questions.?

Answer Answer 1: You may need to do both... For example: if you've been eating a 3000 calorie diet and have been doing 30 minutes of running a day for a month and you're not losing weight, then yes, the... Read More »

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Questions to Ask When Getting a New Pastor?

There comes a time in every pastor's life that he will need to leave his congregation. This could be because he chooses to leave or because the church asks him to leave. Regardless of the reason, t... Read More »

Getting braces off, couple of questions PLEASE!!?

1) mine weren't at all swolen and they were not any different than before i got my braces off 2) you will probably be getting the invisiline ones , i got those and so did everyone I know 3) Nah :) ... Read More »

I'm getting braces - I have a couple questions?

1) It takes roughly 60-90 minutes to get them on and wired up. 2) The brace brackets and glue process doesn't hurt at all. There is no drilling or needles involved, just a little scrubby polish, a ... Read More »

Getting all 4 wisdom teeth out tomorrow and have a few questions...?

I had all 4 extracted at the same time and it wasn't that bad. I was just numb..No gas or IV. It's not bad at all..I didn't feel anything other then pushing....LOTS of pushing but there is nothing... Read More »