Are you getting enough water?

Answer Funny you should ask. I am trying to drink more, well I'm trying to drink only water. I brought a gallon of drinking water to work with me today, half is gone. I noticed when I stopped drinking ... Read More »

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How do you fix a rototiller not getting enough gas and not starting because of not getting enough gas?

Clean out the carburettor and jets, clean or replace the fuel filter.

Does a baby need drinking water or is the water in formula enough?

Answer A little water to drink is never a bad idea. Make sure the baby is getting enough formula to meet his/her needs and suppliment with a little water. Many children don't do well with tap wate... Read More »

Should there be enough water in a front loading washing machine so that you can see a visible level of water?

Answer Yes, you may not see it across the door but as it moves you will see it splash.

Am I getting enough iron?

Firstly the above info whilst correct doesn't take into account the availability of iron in plant sources, plant iron is inhibited by plant chemicals like tannins/phytic acids/oxalates & calciums i... Read More »