Are you fed up with people calling us losers just cos we watch BB?

Answer Anyone who knows me knows that I don't watch BB unless it's the celebrity one, but I would never call anyone losers for watching it. It's a personal choice what we watch on tv, and I will never has... Read More »

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I get several calls from 866-235-0053. Is there anyway to stop these losers from calling me?

Try looking up the National Do Not Call List

Why do people call Adalia Rose beautiful but have no problem with calling average people ugly?

Adalia is gorgeous on the inside, even if she's not on the outside. im sure most people dont think shes attractive, but honestly, no one would admit that.thats just how society works, were too sens... Read More »

Where can you watch tru calling for free?

What do I do if people I don't know keep calling?