Are you eating anything right now?

Answer in about 20 minutes my wife's puuuussy

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Are you eating/drinking anything right now?

Radishes & carrots & cheezies.And chocolate in between bites.Drinking a glass of cold water and a mug of hot water with lemon & honey.Not your everyday combination, but I'm pregnant & fighting off ... Read More »

How to get to sleep right away without having to take anything or go anywhere or do anything?

i dont think youll be able to get to sleep right away, but id say, try to daydream and reimagine your day and how you would have done it defferently and eventually youll just fall asleep

Not eating or drinking anything?

If you don't get fluids, you'll go into renal distress. I got sick last year with a virus and after 2 days ended up dehydrated in the hospital. I spent 9 days in hospital on an IV. You can last sev... Read More »

Am i 'extreme' for not eating anything with gelatine?

right, gonna jump on my high horse. If a person says they are a vegetarian - they should not eat anything that comes from animals - anything at all - you can't call yourself a vegetarian and then e... Read More »