Are you currently using a Mac or a PC?

Answer I have a home-built PC, sporting an ASUS MB in a Tenor desktop style case. It's a P4 at 3GHz. I'm using Windows 2000 Pro, with FireFox. It's got an 80GB Hard drive and 512MB of RAM. I've got a... Read More »

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What browser are you currently using ?

Is there any danger to using a baking element replacement from a different stove to the one I currently have?

Most baking elements are very close to each other in capacity - and mostly all of them within a brand and region are based on the same operating voltage. Where they differ is in shape and support r... Read More »

Currently have a huawei dongle using windows 7, am i able to use this to create a wifi hotspot?

If your Huwei have Ability to do Wifi then yes it will make WiFi hotspot. Most of the Andoid Mobiles have ability to do Wifi HotSpot.

Which is the best printer wth the cheapest ink, currently using lexmark and it cost's a fortune even refills?

I know a good site where you can get really cheap ink for most printers. It's not official ink though, but just works just as well. When you get the ink carts through, they look the same but have J... Read More »