Are you cautious that wearing high heels is dangerous to ladiesDo you always prefer to use high heels?

Answer Yes,wearing high heels is dangerous to ladies.Followings are reasons and hence not prefer to use high heels for some special party requirement.They can cause foot pain. They increase likelihood of ... Read More »

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Wearing high heels to school C:?

trust me when i say, dont let your fear of what other people might think about you affect your self esteem really not worth it... if you like them thats all that matters, you bought them ENJOY them... Read More »

How to Be Comfortable Wearing High Heels when You're Tall?

Models are tall, and they wear heels, so why can't you? But still, there's that feeling that says "Do I really need to be any taller?" well here's how to feel comfortable being tall.....and wearing... Read More »

Painful Scabs at my ankles after wearing high heels?

Don't wear heels, they are terrible for you.

Are your tendons getting shorter from wearing high heels all the time?

Yes, but I have been doing exercises to counter it.