Are you born with an umbilical cord?

Answer Yeah.

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Why do you cut the umbilical cord after the baby is born?

After a child is born the umbilical cord is no longer needed so it is removed.

Can umbilical cord blood help kids with brain tumors?

Yes. Brain tumor is just one of the fatal diseases cured by cord blood. Cord blood also cures Type 1 diabetes, blood diseases such as leukemia, cerebral palsy and Parkinson's Disease.

Why do you cut off the umbilical cord?

the umbilical cord is cut to prevent blood loss of the baby

How do you cut a cat's umbilical cord?

Most cats will do that themselves, with their teeth. If a cat doesn't or cannot for some reason, tie a knot in the cord between the kitten and the mother, then cut it with scissors between the knot... Read More »