Automated Email Reply?

Answer The majority of email services offer customizable automated email replies. These are most commonly used to inform contacts of vacation time. For email users that receive an exceptionally large amou... Read More »

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How to Set up and Use Automated System Recovery?

Automated System Recovery is a feature of Windows XP that allows users to restore and recover the computer's operating system and configuration state. Although this procedure does not restore the u... Read More »

How to Set Up Automated Excel Spreadsheets?

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that comes as part of Microsoft Office. It is useful for keeping track of data and for creating mathematical formulas and graphs. However, sometimes enterin... Read More »

What is an automated phone system?

Automated phone systems give callers options to reach certain departments or extensions without ever having to talk to a person. Companies that use these systems save money because they don't have ... Read More »

Where do I get the Windows automated recovery disk?

The Windows Automated System Recovery Disk can be re-created by the Windows operating system. In Windows Vista and 7, select the Backup & Restore option from the Control Panel. In Windows XP, run t... Read More »