Are you anti-facebook and why ?

Answer I have myspace and have grown way tired of that...everyone doesnt need to know everything or stay in touch forever.I rarely sign in anymore

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My in laws find vegetarianism offensive, anti-patriotic, and anti-Bible help!?

Sorry but they're nuts. Tell them you find THEM offensive. They obviously don't listen to reason. though you could pull the old "before the Fall everyone was a vegetarian, it's the natural state of... Read More »

My glasses are Anti-Glare (Anti-reflection)..for only about three weeks!?

I'm an Optician and I HATE those so-called "lens sprays". The problem with them is that if you have any debris, dirt, crud, or dust on the lens and you spray the lens with that stuff, all it does ... Read More »

Star this question if you're anti- jonas and anti-hannah montana?

the jonas brothers and hannah montana are the essence of sh*t, the epitome of crap, and the worst there is, the worst there was, and the worst there ever will be.On the other hand....F*CKIN SLAYER

Is there a REALLY good anti virus, anti spyware, etc. that is FREE?

anti-virus is different than anti-spywareyou need 2 programs.Spybot - Search and Destroy is good for spyware, but for viruses you should use AVG free anti virus Read More »