Are you afraid to Die?

Answer I am not afraid of death just of having a painful death that I am conscious enough to experience. Death is just a part of life and you waste life worrying about something that you can do nothing a... Read More »

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If a woman is afraid of needles, shouldn't she be afraid of sex too?

Sex is overrated just because man thinks of it every 20 seconds doesn't mean it's important.

I'm afraid of driving because I am afraid of having a car accident?

Only if you're drunk or otherwise under the influence or if they can prove that you were intentionally trying to hurt someone with your car. Otherwise, if it's truly an accident, your insurance may... Read More »

Are you afraid to be OLD?

naw... I am 70 and I have had a good life. I have great children, grand children and great grand children... I am still active and look forward to more old age birthdays... Grant M in Pennsylv... Read More »

I'm afraid to eat?

You should start off slowly, with a plain cup of hot tea ( like Lipton, or peppermint tea would even be better) Then, within an hour eat plain soup like campbells tomato soup or alphabet or whateve... Read More »