Are you adult enough to understand the benefits of absorbing this info?

Answer Well, I can't say I believe in god, but that is indeed interesting info.I do believe, though, that much of our health problems are due to simple fact that a lot of people don't eat right. So, that ... Read More »

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What Are the Benefits of an Energy Absorbing Steering Column?

Vehicles built in compliance with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration standards 203 and 204 include an installed, energy-absorbing steering column. The new designs, which became mandator... Read More »

If our minds were simple enough to understand...?

I don't think we could ever completely understand even our own minds. If we did, the world and the way we live would be completely different. If our minds became simpler, we'd be more simple-minded... Read More »

Where can you find info regarding self-government of condominium in adult community in NJ?

You should be able to find these details in your governing documents.

Have I done right and is my son old enough to understand the punishment?

I think at 6 years old, your punishment was just right. If he'd been 16 I'd be a lot more worried!