Are you able to use Firewire on a JVC MG 20 series camera?

Answer You need to check in the back of the owners manual to see if the device complies with I EEE 1394. That is the technical spec for firewire. My research shows that the "Dock" only is compliant. I a... Read More »

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Digital Video Camera and firewire?

Download the manual this is your best bet, and regarding firewire if it was a must requirement all pc and accessories would accommodate it.Manufacturers gave you all that would be required to trans... Read More »

How do I use firewire to take footage off my mini dv video camera?

The camcorder should be switched to "Play", but you don't always get a pop-up telling you it's been connected. If Windows Movie Maker can't see the camcorder, try this:- Go into Device Manager (C... Read More »

Im wanting to convert my D 5000 camera to be able to take infrared will this affect the camera?

The only thing to take into consideration is the cost associated with converting the camera to IR, since it'll need to be professionally done - and only a few places are qualified/able/willing to d... Read More »

What kind of camera do you recommend that will be able to weather humidity all day long in the jungles and not effect the camera being wet all the time?

Now let's do some math... 4gb = 4x1024mb = 4096mb 4gb / 50mb = 4096mb / 50mb = 81.92 This means the 4gb card will hold 'bout 81 pictures. If you ever need to know while on the go, you can round... Read More »