Are you able to open gmail or google search or orkut ?

Answer hey its not working even here... i am in blore. and i have found that its working properly with my neighbour;s connection... both use the same broadband from a same google owned sites ... Read More »

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Why does google open a new tab for every search I click on?

Hopefully this guideline will solve your problem. 1. Click on the Wrench icon. 2. Click on Settings. 3. Under the sub-title "On start-up", click on "open the new tab page"4. Exit by clicking on the... Read More »

I have downloaded google chrome search but it will not open up. Any Ideas?

Try deleting the program from your computer in the Control Panel, and then reinstall it. I think it will work.

How to open orkut...if it was blocked...proxy sites to open/?

This is a better method than a proxy and it cannot be blocked since it's not a website. Type in the following in your address bar:, type in the website URL your trying to visit: ... Read More »

How to Search for people on Orkut?

This article will tell you how to search people on Orkut. It is a short and simple process.