Are you able to open gmail or google search or orkut ?

Answer hey its not working even here... i am in blore. and i have found that its working properly with my neighbour;s connection... both use the same broadband from a same google owned sites ... Read More »

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How do i put up pictures on google so I can be able to search it and copy the url?

If you have a Google Account, you can use the account to upload pictures to Panoramio. It is an image-sharing website by Google. Once you upload an image, you can give it's URL to anybody you want.... Read More »

Why am I not able to get Google search terms cache color highlighted on Firefox?

Links turn purple based on your browsing history (not cookies), make sure your history is turned on and links should turn purple (it works for me anyway). If you don't know how to turn history on, ... Read More »

What exactly is IDD in electronics could not able to find in Wikipedia or google search.?

try this website maybe it will help

Why does google open a new tab for every search I click on?

Hopefully this guideline will solve your problem. 1. Click on the Wrench icon. 2. Click on Settings. 3. Under the sub-title "On start-up", click on "open the new tab page"4. Exit by clicking on the... Read More »