Are you a vegetarian/vegan and looking for a good laugh?

Answer LOL @ pic of Hitler clutching a bunch of carrots.Also: "Did you know? There is actually a "Militant Vegan Movement" based in California:!"I didn't, but thanks to VAE, I do now and I'm happy that th... Read More »

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Need a good laugh?

I left a comment adn a 5 star rating ...would you do the same for mine ..thanks happy Fourth of July…

BB8 - Who wants a good laugh at Ziggy?

Oh my God, what a skinny looking twerp.I wonder if Chanelle would've fancied him in those days!

Was Truman capote ever a guest on Laugh InI know he was on Johnny Carson but Im sure I saw him on Laugh In but they don't give him credit.Did he ever do any other shows I remember him satuarating tv?

Need Prank Call Numbers! If you want to get back at them or want a good laugh!?

How sad that you really have nothing better to do with your time. No homework to do? No chores? No better way to entertain yourself than to be an annoying pain in the ***? That's really pathetic. G... Read More »