Are you a vegetarian because you love animals or because you hate plants?

Answer I hate the s*** out of plants. I hate them sooooooo much. G** d*** why did you even mention it. Now I'm p***ed off. I mean SUPER P***ED. F*** plants. F*** them in their stupid a**es. I'm go... Read More »

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What do you love / hate most about being vegetarian / vegan?

Here are the things I hate about being vegan:-eating out is not fun anymore-my family and friends sometimes give me a hard time about it-some meat eaters argue with me about my dietary lifestyle th... Read More »

Should I go vegetarian I love animals?

Most animals that are slaughtered for our meats are done humanely so don't let that affect your decisions.It will not kill you to go to vegetarian but study it, to find what you must eat to replace... Read More »

Why do I love animals but hate dogs?

It really is just a matter of preference. It's like people saying they like reptiles, but are just kinda freaked out by snakes. Or that people say they love bugs but are terrified by praying mant... Read More »

I'm 14 and I want to become a vegetarian, but I love meat and I hate vegetables?

Great question. We are designed to crave pleasure -- and that includes our palate. None of us would stay vegans for long if all we had to eat was bland, tasteless food devoid of nutrition and tas... Read More »