TV Repair Guide - What's The Easiest Hands-on Guide For Repairing LCD TVs Yourself?

Answer The best TV repair guide I know is master technician Jestine Yong's 'LCD Monitor Repair'. Focused on both computer monitors and LCD TV's, this is a fantastic guide for troubleshooting and fixing te... Read More »

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Why do some people call guard rails guide rails, what do they guide?

The "Politically Correct" term is, "GUIDE "rail.They were originally called "Guard "rails.But I guess that, in today's lawsuit happy society,it had to be changed, since they don't actually "guard" ... Read More »

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Guide to Netbooks?

Even though netbooks are considerably smaller than laptops, they contain most of the same features. The hardware is virtually the same: a screen, keyboard and touchpad. They are designed with porta... Read More »

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