Are you a tea of coffee drinker?

Answer I drink both with gusto!

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Are you a coffee drinker?

Me - latte from starbucks. (What else could be perfect more than a latte of starbucks?)

If you're a coffee drinker, how do you prefer it?

Best drink at starbucks for a non coffee drinker?

First, let me say, beware of absolutes. You say coffee is "SOOOO bitter and gross" like it's engraved in stone. To billions of people it's rich and delightful.Second-why are we fixating on coffee a... Read More »

I'm a tea drinker, have been all my life, but I need to make a decent cup of coffee for guests over Xmas...?

I would not recommend instant coffee. I'm a regular coffee drinker, and instant coffee tastes like death to me. Since you've gone to the trouble of hauling out the old machine, you might as well ma... Read More »