Are you a stressed Australian What's stressing you out?

Answer I have been very stressed lately, most of it is from work, as I have only just started and it is all pretty new to me.I'm also feeling very stressed because I'm not really sure where my life is goi... Read More »

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'Out There' it's a show set in a rural Australian town featuring 2 Australian kids 1 American boy and 1 British 'wanna be vet' girl I want to know where I can watch it for free online?

Body hair question This is really stressing me out:/?

Are you Hispanic? I'm Hispanic, I felt the same way when I was 13. It would grow back sooo fast from my legs too. I have hair on my belly and my back even my butt, I have hair everywhere, but not a... Read More »

How to Avoid Stressing Over Divorced Dating?

Just divorced? Or maybe you are going through divorce right now? You should not be stressed to date anybody. It is your right to do so, you cannot blame yourself forever for what went wrong during ... Read More »

How to Stop Stressing Using a Candle Relaxation Technique?

This relaxation technique uses a candle with the word "RELAX" on it to take the edge of your study or work stress. Try it; it is a good focusing exercise.