Is BBC a liberal network?

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How to Be Proud of Being a Liberal?

"Politics" may be a very personal matter. No matter what country or region you live in, politics can play a large part in your outlook on life.

How to Be a Liberal Muslim?

Just because you are Muslim, doesn't mean you have to be conservative. Here are tips on how to be a Muslim and still adapt to the changing world.

Why are most celebrities so liberal?

Most celebs are creative people who dont like religious nuts. Also most grew up in liberal areas like LA and NYC. Republicans creep most people out and rich celebs have money so they dont need ev... Read More »

What does an AA in liberal arts mean?

The letters "AA" stand for an associate of arts degree, which is generally a two-year degree earned from a community or junior college. An AA in liberal arts requires study in a wide variety of dis... Read More »