Are you a fitness fanatic, or do you go to the gym more because of the results?

Answer I workout 5 times a week not because I'm addicted, but because I've always been active. On Monday's I go for a jog, and I go to Ballet and Jazz on Tuesday's and Wednesday's. I usually do Yoga on Th... Read More »

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Why can you sometimes get more Google results with more words?

Hmmm... What they say about being more specific is rubbish (or in my opinion, anyways). Specific narrows down the choice criteria.Probably because more words equal more results. If I typed in "Taxi... Read More »

Is it possible that you can be granted sole custody if your boyfriend provides more care because he is unemployed so he has more time with child?

Yes. It is possible you can be granted sole custody. An unemployed father is not necessarily the best person for a child to live with. You need to consult with an attorney who specializes in custod... Read More »

'More results from' disappeared?

It should still show it, it doesn't show it for all searches, only when the search returns a popular extensive website as the top result, and even then it is only shown for the top result (not all ... Read More »

The nikon D3 photo shoot results from my camera is not optimum because the printouts and also on the monitor i can see lots of parallel lines at very egular intervals from left to right top to bottom?

Sounds like underexposure. Set the camera on automatic and take a photo in good light. If it looks OK, then that's your problem. You may be pushing the flash too far, or the other camera settings ... Read More »