Can I remove memory from a computer its originally installed on the computer to another computer?

Answer Yes you can

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I got a new power supply for my computer bcause my computer kept on shutting off now it is doing it again why?

mine did that 2, till it blew... the fan on mine was clogged and the inside was sooo dusty. it overheated. check urs...

I'm helping a friend with her computer and need to go to "My Computer" but it's NOT THERE! how can I find it?

Right click on the desktop, choose Properties. Then click the Desktop tab, then the Customize Desktop button. Make sure there is a checkmark by My Computer and anything else you want to show on you... Read More »

Computer problem: My computer keeps freezing up and I have to force it to shut down,?

Sounds like a virus for sure. Just because you ran a clean virus check doesn't mean you don't have a virus.Anti-virus programs can only scan for KNOWN viruses. If a new or unknown virus has made ... Read More »

My usb was not detected by my computer or another computer,there is no flashing light and no detction message?

when you connect or disconnect anything from your computer, you need to make sure the computer is turned off...plugging and unplugging while the computer is working damages the mother board and you... Read More »