Are you Financially Responsible for my teenage daughters pregnancy?

Answer As her parents you are responsible for her health care and everything else she needs pregnant or not. When the baby is born it's up to her and the father to support the child and you support her ju... Read More »

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How to Raise Financially Responsible Children?

Teaching financial responsibility to children is a great way to provide them with knowledge and experience that will help them grow into financially stable adults. It is not necessary that you have... Read More »

In the state of Iowa are both sets of parents financially responsible when a 14-year-old becomes pregnant.?

Answer The parents of the girl are completely responsible for the girl. However, the parents and the boy (and his parents if he is a minor) are equally responsible for her medical needs while preg... Read More »

Can liability insurance be stacked from daughter's auto policy to parents' when she is a minor and they are still financially responsible for her?

Answer If your daughter has her own auto policy, is driving your car, and is involved in an accident, yes, the liability can be some cases. Each state law is different so call your a... Read More »

If a security guard company is 'bonded' are they financially responsible for items stolen while their guard was on duty?

Answer In General a security company coud be considered liable for a theft while on duty, However there is usually a clause or disclaimer in the security contractors contract that would wave such l... Read More »