Are xenon lights dimmable?

Answer Xenon lights are dimmable with a standard dimmer switch. Xenon lights are incandescent bulbs that contain xenon gas and produce a light that is not quite as yellow as that from a regular incandesce... Read More »

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Are fluorescent lights dimmable?

Fluorescent lights and fluorescent light bulbs can only be dimmed by using a fluorescent dimmer, not a standard incandescent dimmer. Compact florescent lights use 75 to 80 percent less electricity ... Read More »

Are Quartz Lights Dimmable?

On One Hand: Quartz Lights Are Certainly DimmableQuartz lights are more commonly known as halogen lights. Like other kinds of incandescent bulbs, mains voltage (that is, 120-volt) halogen lights ca... Read More »

HID Lights Vs. Xenon?

HID lights and HID xenon lights are the same thing. Both employ the inert gas, xenon, as the primary gas that replaces the filament in high intensity discharge light bulbs. Some halogen headlights ... Read More »

How to Replace Xenon Lights?

Xenon lights use inert Xenon gas in the bulb chamber to amplify the luminance. These are among the most powerful bulbs available to consumers today. Many modern cars and luxury vehicles are equippe... Read More »