Are x-rays harmful?

Answer On One Hand: X-Rays May Cause DamageAccording to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), receiving medical X-rays slightly increases your risk, over your lifetime, of getting cancer. In addition... Read More »

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How can I prevent My eyes from the harmful rays of Computer screen?

I'll like to suggest a few ways.1. Use an L C D set.2. Wear a glass.3. Put a cellophane paper on the screen. 4.If your eyes are alright use less brightness on the screen.

I am pregnant 40 days and had been exposed to X-rays indirectly before 20 days because I was in the same room when my son had a chest X-ray. Will this will be harmful for my pregnancy?

A two view chest x-ray series is not a significant dose of radiation and would most likely have no effect on the fetus. The greater the distance between you and your son at the moment of x-raying t... Read More »

How are X-rays helpful?

Thanks to the application of X-ray technology in the medical field, doctors and physicians are now able to see inside the human body like never before. Doctors can use X-rays to examine the bones a... Read More »

Are X-rays bad for a pregnancy?

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, there is a slightly greater risk of leukemia in babies when their mothers have X-rays during pregnancy. The risk, however, is so small that a... Read More »