Are wrist weights dangerous?

Answer On One Hand: Wrist Weights Promote Calorie LossFor runners looking to add a little extra challenge to their cardio or for walkers trying to maximize their workouts, wrist weights can add some extra... Read More »

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How do you strengthen the muscle in your wrist WITHOUT weights?

You should encourage her to walk lots and carry bags from a supermarket to loos weight. Don't overload. This tenses the wrists but it won't do much for the upper arms. If walking a few miles each d... Read More »

Left wrist pain when lifting weights and in normal life?

You can reduce the pain temporarily by applying ice. Avoid lifting heavy weights from your left wrist. You can make it stronger by physiotherapeutic exercises.

Is it dangerous if you burn your wrist?

A burn to any part of the body could be serious. A lot depends on how hot the coffee was, how sensitive your skin is, and finally how large of an area was burnt. Most likely there was no permanent ... Read More »

Can a buckle fracture of the wrist cause damage to the growth plate in the wrist?