Are wool or cotton clothes better to wear camping?

Answer On One Hand: Wool is WarmWool clothes wick moisture away from your skin and don't lose their insulation factor when wet. Wool's tight fiber weave makes it durable and weather resistant, which is n... Read More »

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What is cotton wool used for in a first aid kit?

I have cotton wool from ear bud stuck in ear?

Go to a doctor soon. The cotton is continuing to collect dirt and is preventing the ear from naturally cleaning itself out. The doctor should have no problem removing it.

Do clothes moths eat cotton?

Clothes moths do not eat cotton. These types of moths can feed on wool or fur. Exposing clothes moths to extreme cold or hot temperatures most often will kill them.References:Colorado State Univers... Read More »

In the long run, will clothes last longer and come out better if you air dry the clothes instead?

It is, with one exception. Those in the Arctic who air dry their clothes at -40 and colder find their clothes wear out far more quickly than they would if they'd thrown them in the dryer. The water... Read More »