Are wooden floor finishes safe?

Answer On One Hand: Dangers of Wood Floor FinishesHaving wood floors in your home enhances its style and design. Maintenance is critical, but many wood floor finishes contain chemicals such as urethane, ... Read More »

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Are hardwood floor finishes pet urine safe?

On One Hand: Pet Urine Can Stain Hardwood FloorsEven with a protective finish, such as polyurethane, pet urine can sometimes penetrate into the crevices and grain of the floor and cause stains. Ur... Read More »

Are water-based floor finishes safe?

On One Hand: Water-Based Floor Finishes Are SafeIn water-based finishes, water disperses the polyurethane molecules rather than chemicals. The water, not toxic chemicals, evaporates into the air, l... Read More »

Is it safe to put a wooden bed overtop of a heater vent (It's just a floor one)?

If there is sufficient clearance for the vent to still "vent" heat and A.C. into the room there should not be a problem. I would recommend you make sure the sheets and blankets of the bed do not ... Read More »

How to Insulate a Wooden Floor?

Wood floors look attractive and are comfortable underfoot, unless they are cold. Insulating the wood floor is a bit of a misnomer. The space between the floor joists under the wood floor will be in... Read More »