Are wooden bats good?

Answer On One Hand: Aluminum Bats Hit HarderWooden bats were standard issue in the early days of baseball. However, as technology improved, aluminum bats became cheaper to mass produce. Moreover, alumin... Read More »

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Do metal bats hit harder than wooden ones?

Aluminum bats outperform metal bats in optimum speed and force. They can be swung faster and have a larger area termed "sweet spot" where the ball can bounce off the bat with top force.References:"... Read More »

Are used softball bats good?

On One Hand: Used Bats Are Cost-EffectivePurchasing a used softball bat is a cost-savvy move, but know what to look for. Avoid bats that show signs of splitting. Also ensure the used bat has no den... Read More »

Are demo softball bats any good?

On One Hand: Demo Bats Are Cost EffectiveA demo bat is manufactured with "top quality" according to Demo bats are given to retailers as "shelf models" so that potential buyers can h... Read More »

Are Composite Bats Better Than Aluminium Bats?

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