Are wood floors tough enough for pets?

Answer On One Hand: Concerns for Pet OwnersWood floors are a beautiful addition to the home, but are a cause for concern to pet owners. After all, wood flooring can be pricey and is more susceptible to d... Read More »

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Why are tile floors colder than wood floors?

Tiles feel colder because they are better conductors of heat. Unless it's a blazing hot day, the floor probably is colder than your body temperature, and when you walk on it, it sucks the heat out ... Read More »

Epoxy Concrete Floors & Pets?

For areas where pets will be housed, the flooring chosen must be safe for pets and strong enough to stand up to paws, claws and pet waste. Epoxy concrete in one flooring option. Doe... Read More »

Are laminate floors good if you have pets?

Answer It depends on the pet. If you are potty training a puppy or's a carpet saver. (if you can keep it in the area of the laminate floor.) Other than that they can slip....which c... Read More »

The Best Vacuums for Bare Floors and Pets?

Pet owners struggle to keep up with pet hair and dirt. You vacuum, turn around a few minutes later only to notice pet hair rolling like a tumbleweed across your freshly vacuumed floor. Vacuums desi... Read More »