State or Federal Help for Disabled People Living in Poverty?

Answer There are many government programs designed to help those in need, especially those with disabilities. While many people claim that there is too much red tape and bureaucracy in the government, bot... Read More »

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What is the largest terrorist group?

The question as posed is difficult to answer, because "largest" can mean a lot of different things as can "terrorist".If the word "largest" is meant to mean most ubiquitous, then the answer is cert... Read More »

What is the largest fruit group on Earth?

There are two main categories of fruits, which are subdivided into smaller categories. The largest of these are the fleshy fruits, which are characterized by seeds surrounded by a fleshy substance.... Read More »

How to Group Pictures in a Living Room?

The living room is the main room in the house, where people either relax or have social gatherings. Grouping pictures in a living room involves organizing the pictures based on their style and patt... Read More »

Are aspen trees the largest living organism?

According to Aspen Tree Media, the largest living organism in the world is a 106-acre quaking aspen grove near Salt Lake City, Utah. The grove weighs an estimated 13.2 million lbs.Source:Aspen Tree... Read More »