Are women in pain when baby's come out?

Answer yes the whole birth can be painful but there is allot of pain relief available and all women handle it differently, once baby is out the pain is almost forgotten and is well worth it.

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Breast pain (for women only)?

Yeah all the time. Like they get really sore and then when I wake up they feel bigger and are still sore. Breast pain is normal. But if it's horrible or you feel lumps, get checked out for breas... Read More »

What pain medication can pregnant women take?

you can't take anything over the counter, but your Doctor can give you Something for it

Women & Chronic Pelvic Pain?

When an individual suffers from a pain that lasts six months or longer it is considered chronic rather than acute. Some women experience chronic pelvic pain, which can be an indication that another... Read More »

Do women feel physical pain less than men?

Nah! they're always whinging about something!