Are women in pain when baby's come out?

Answer yes the whole birth can be painful but there is allot of pain relief available and all women handle it differently, once baby is out the pain is almost forgotten and is well worth it.

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Do women feel it when you come inside of them without a condom do they feel the sot of come?

It depends on the women. Some women do, some women don't. You could casually bring it up without actually asking her, if you are embarrassed to ask her. Maybe she will tell you if she did or not.

Do babys die and come to life?

I have heard of many babies dying and then coming back to lif outside ofthe womb I'm not sure about before there born ,but miracles have happened

Why do babys come out retarded?

this is related to birth defects in babies and usually such babies require very careful fostering

How come people want to have babys?

Sometimes people just want to start a family. Also it keeps up the population and it keeps the family name. Usually people don't just have a baby to have a baby. If they do that then a baby is a lo... Read More »