Are wireless networks now as good as wired?

Answer Wired networks have three main advantages over wireless networks: speed, cost, and reliability. Wireless networks offer two main advantages over wired networks: flexibility and lack of cables. Wire... Read More »

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How to Connect Laptops to Wired Networks?

Connecting your laptop to a wired connection will enable you to use your laptop in the event that a wireless connection is not available. Although it may be a bit of an inconvenience, connecting yo... Read More »

How to Fix an Atheros Wireless LAN That Will Not Detect Local Wireless Networks?

Microsoft Windows 7 supports a broad range of network adapters and chipsets for both wireless and wired networks. Network adapters that initially provide good service may have issues later on due t... Read More »

I have a wireless network and a wired network. I want to extend my wireless range.?

Use another router, and best to use a new SSID and key. If a laptop has both wireless properly configured, it will switch to the strongest one.You could use a router as a switch/access point. Log i... Read More »

Wired LAN vs. Wireless LAN?

Wireless - about 300mbps.Wired - 1,000 mbps.However ...A connection is as fast as its SLOWEST segment, so if you're buying 5mnps from your provider, you won't be able to tell the difference - you'l... Read More »