Are wireless n routers backwards compatible?

Answer Wireless N routers are backwards compatible with previous 802.11x standards, according to PC World. Wireless cars, however, must have 802.11n capabilities to take advantage of an 802.11n router's f... Read More »

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Do wireless routers emit harmful radio waves what is a safe distance from routers to ensure i'm not harmed?

Radio waves from your router are harmless. It is a much lower power than a Cell Phone, so don't worry. (They have not banned Cell Phone use yet).Good luck and Happy Computing!

Can I Upgrade My Wireless Routers Firmware From a Wireless Computer?

The firmware on a wireless router is somewhat like its operating system. Without this firmware, the router is not able to function as needed. Firmware is actually software stored electronically in ... Read More »

Apple Compatible Routers?

Apple, Inc. produces the Macintosh (Mac) computer line, and it is also the creator of the Apple iPod, iPad and iPhone. A router is a device that connects more than one computer network and facilit... Read More »

Is the 64 bit backwards compatible to the 32 bit?

According to Microsoft, 64-bit versions of the Windows operating system will run 32-bit programs. However, the 32-bit versions of Windows will not operate 64-bit programs. Apple's Mac OS X operatin... Read More »