Are wireless USB adapters as good as wireless cards?

Answer USB wireless adapters are good but for maximum range, a card with an external antenna usually has the best range. USB wireless adapters with an external antenna are rare. Often there is a large dif... Read More »

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Can you mix wireless-G routers with wireless-G PCI cards?

You can mix brands of wireless PCI adapters with different brands of routers. For the best performance, keep the adapters the same type as the router, such as wireless-G with wireless-G and wireles... Read More »

Are all wireless adapters Wi-Fi?

Wireless adapters come in three different types, for connecting to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or cellular signals. Wi-Fi adapters enable computers to make a wireless connection to a local area network, while... Read More »

How Do Wireless Network Adapters Work?

A wireless network adapter is also called a wireless network interface card, a wireless network interface controller and a WNIC. The purpose of a standard network adapter is to translate the format... Read More »

Is Linux compatible with USB wireless adapters?

No universal "yes" or "no" answer is possible because each USB wireless adapter's support is dependent on the manufacturer. Many wireless adapters, however, have drivers available on the manufactur... Read More »