Are window units allowed in condominiums?

Answer By window units, one can assume that you mean air conditioners. Read your governing documents to determine how the community's guidelines address air conditioners. Then, you can work with your boa... Read More »

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Can you have window units in condominiums?

Read your governing documents to determine the extent to which you can modify your windows. If you want to install a different kind of window unit in an existing window 'hole in the wall', board ap... Read More »

Are GPS units allowed on airplanes?

According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), there is no prohibition against bringing your GPS aboard in either your checked or carry-on luggage. Your ability to use it in flight ... Read More »

How many rental units are allowed in a condominium?

The number -- usually expressed as a percentage of owner-occupancy -- depends on your governing documents. In recent times, the governing documents you need to look for are those board meeting minu... Read More »

What is the minimum number of units allowed in the Washington state condominium act?

In a quick review of RCW 64.34, no minimum number stands out, so because the word 'units' appears in the act, one can assume that a minimum of two might apply.You can follow the link below, and rea... Read More »