Are windmills still used?

Answer According to the Windmillers' Gazette, a website dedicated to the history of windmills, the original uses of windmills were grinding grain and pumping water. Windmills are still sometimes used to p... Read More »

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If you had an abscessed tooth removed but you still have swelling and pain where the tooth used to be could the infection still be in the jaw or gums?

Answer That depends on how recently you had the tooth removed. If it was a few days ago, some swelling and pain are normal. But if it's been a week or more, that's not good. Yes, the infection co... Read More »

Is the m 14 still used in the US military?

Is CFCs still used for refrigerator?

What was the still room used for?

Still rooms were once a standard part of every home. It was used to distill herbs and create home remedies and medications. They were also used to make beer and other punch-like alcoholic and non-a... Read More »