Are wills public record?

Answer A standard will is a matter of public record after death because it must go through probate court to have any legal effect. When probate court files a will, it becomes available for public viewing.... Read More »

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Are Massachusetts wills public record?

According to, wills are not considered "public records" in Massachusetts. In the state, the only public records are vital records, court records, criminal records and adoption... Read More »

Are wills public record in California?

In California, a will remains a private document at least until the testator dies. If probate is necessary, the will is submitted to a probate court. The court will examine whether the will satisfi... Read More »

Are wills in Ohio public record?

Wills are not public record in Ohio while the testator is still alive. A will is sealed, signed by the testator, and is only delivered to that person during his own life. However, after the person ... Read More »

Are probated wills public record in the state of Alabama?

Brooke Everley, in a "Birmingham Business Journal" article, says that Alabama wills are public record after they are probated. However, she warns that a will usually does not give details about a p... Read More »