Are wider tires better for snow?

Answer On One Hand: Wide tires reduce traction.Like snow shoes, wide tires distribute the weight of the car over a larger area and cause the car to "float" on top of snow. This causes a lack of traction a... Read More »

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How to Put Wider Tires on a Lexus RX300?

If you have owned your Lexus RX300 SUV for a while, you may want to change its look and feel. Maybe you think that the vehicle sits too high on the road, or you don't like the way it handles during... Read More »

Wider Tires & Alignment Problems?

Putting wide tires with the appropriate wheels can provide a fantastic sense of control and grip on the road. Of course, nothing comes without a cost. Wide tires can be difficult to align and wear ... Read More »

Can slightly wider ATV tires be put on stock width rims?

Wider tires can be mounted on the stock rims of your ATV. Most stock ATV tires are 12 inches in diameter by 6 inches wide on the front and 12 inches by 8 inches on the rear. You need to maintain ... Read More »

How to Convert Bicycle Tires Into Studded Snow Tires?

To deal with that pesky ice and snow on your bike, you'll need traction. If your wallet is tight, then it's time for some real "MacGyver" style craftiness.