Are whole house magnetic water softeners any good?

Answer On One Hand: Magnetic Softeners Have Some AdvantagesWhole house magnetic water softeners use a magnetic field to alter calcium and magnesium ions so that they do not form a scum or scale on your to... Read More »

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Are magnetic water softeners any good?

On One Hand: A sodium-free optionA traditional water softener adds sodium ions to water as a way of removing calcium and magnesium deposits--two components that make your water "hard"--from your wa... Read More »

Are Water Softeners Good or Bad?

An oxymoron is a type of figurative speech, meaning it is a form of expression that conveys an idea or concept through words that are greater than their literal interpretation. An oxymoron is typic... Read More »

Are saltless water softeners any good?

On One Hand: Less Salt Is BetterAccording to Rain Dance Water Systems, salt-less water softeners are an effective replacement for traditional saltwater softeners. Traditional water softeners replac... Read More »

Risks Associated With Water Softeners?

The Water Quality Association's website notes that 85 percent of the United States has hard water. The solution to this problem seems easy enough---just install water softeners throughout the count... Read More »