Are whole grain (or brown) foods better for you or not?

Answer Whole grain cereals, whole wheat bread and brown rice are better for you because they are higher in fibre than their white, processed counterparts.Look at it this way. Your "diabetic" friends thin... Read More »

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Foods High in Whole Grain?

Whole grains are vital for a well-rounded, healthy diet, offering greater overall health benefits than refined grains. Whole grains are the better pick for getting necessary amounts of fiber and es... Read More »

Is brown rice considered to be whole grain?

Brown rice is considered a whole grain because only the inedible outer hull has been removed, leaving only the rich nutrients in the bran and germ. Not only does brown rice have more nutrients, but... Read More »

Is the whole wheat bread we get at the grocery store whole grain?

see the label that it contain whole grain or not:)

Is whole wheat the same as whole grain?

Whole grains are grains or cereals that haven't been refined by having their bran and germ removed in the milling process. Whole wheat is a whole grain, as are unrefined barley, brown rice, popcorn... Read More »