Are white noise machines harmful?

Answer On One Hand: Protection Against Noise PollutionAmericans live, work and sleep with loud, unwanted and potentially disturbing sounds in their environment. These sounds are called noise pollution and... Read More »

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The Harmful Effects of Classroom Noise?

The ideal classroom is a safe haven for the education and healthy development for young people. Unfortunately, many factors complicate the educational process for students at all grade levels. Nois... Read More »

How to Reduce Noise in Large Machines?

Large machines used for construction, transportation, manufacturing, farming and other tasks make a great deal of noise. Loud noise may reduce the operator's ability to concentrate, disturb people ... Read More »

Is loud noise during pregnancy harmful to the baby?

At about 24 weeks, your baby's outer, middle, and inner ear — including the cochlea, the snail-shell-shaped tube in the inner ear where vibrations are converted into the nerve impulses we perceiv... Read More »

My computer started making a loud noise (from the fan). Is this harmful to my computer Can I ignore it?

I just wrote a quick tutorial on this oddly enoughhere:…