Are wheelchairs covered under an auto policy?

Answer Wheelchairs, including electric models, are most often covered under Medicare and other insurance policies, not under auto policies. Insurance companies will evaluate the insured's need and then de... Read More »

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Who is covered under an auto insurance policy?

The many different types of auto insurance policies provide different types of coverage. In most cases, the vehicle is covered by the policy, regardless of who is driving it.Bodily Injury Liability... Read More »

Is vandalism covered under an auto liability only policy?

Vandalism is not covered under the liability portion of your auto insurance. When you cause an accident, liability insurance pays the medical bills and property damage for the other party. Comprehe... Read More »

What is covered in a basic auto insurance policy?

Auto insurance is designed to financially protect the insured in the event of an automobile accident. The most basic auto insurance policies make sure that, if you damage someone else or their prop... Read More »

If you became pregnant while covered by a short-term disability policy which covers pregnancy but then you switched employers are you still covered by the former policy?

Answer Good question.Were you on disability when you switched employers?Is your question if the time on the 1st policy counts towards the pre-x period on the second policy like it does for health i... Read More »