How do whales get pregnant?

Answer A whale is a mammal and as such reproduces as other mammals do, with copulation between a male and a female, a live birth and a nursing mother. Whales even have belly buttons where the umbilical co... Read More »

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Why do whales breach?

One of the most breathtaking things to watch is a whale "breaching," or leaping into the air. This is also known as "surfacing behavior." Not all whales breach. One species noted for spectacular di... Read More »

How do whales survive in saltwater?

For most mammals, living in, and consequently drinking, a large amount of saltwater would be lethal. However, whales are evolutionarily equipped with advanced internal organs able to keep them aliv... Read More »

Do sharks eat killer whales?

While injured, sick or very young killer whales may end up as a meal for a shark, more often the shark is the loser in a confrontation between these two species. Killer whales use a special techniq... Read More »

What is the number of whales in a pod?

Whale pods vary in size from one to 40 or more. The Blue Whale, Gray Whale and Bryde's Whale travel in pods that range from one to three whales. The Killer Whale and Humpback Whale travel in pods t... Read More »