Are we slaves to time?

Answer Hey, don't forget the Grandfather clock in the foyer! ewewewYour "cat" is not dumb - shame on you - he's precious! Smart cat!

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How many modern slaves are in the US?

It is possible to bring charges and a suit for slander,if it was spoken, liable if it is written and malicious intent, but you will probaly need an attorney or para legal to file the papers, someti... Read More »

Are we becoming slaves to our computers ?

Totally!!!I'm on this computer morning,noon and night!!!Mum took the kids a couple of hours ago so i could get the house work done and ALL Ive done is answer questions, i better pull my finger out ... Read More »

Did Harriet Beecher Stowe own slaves?

yes she did. in fact, yet she wrote the novel "Uncle Tom's Cabin", she was one of the few people to own more than 1 slave in the New England colonies.

Famous Slaves in Colonial Virginia?

White colonial Americans first brought African slaves to Virginia in the early 17th century. During the first decades of slavery in Virginia, there were never more than 300 slaves in Virginia. In t... Read More »