Are we liable to pay for the mortgage plan if we cancel a chapter 13?

Answer On One Hand: No, You Aren'tIn Chapter 13, the court sets you up on a payment plan that pays debts, usually within five years. You can't technically cancel a Chapter 13, but you can voluntarily dism... Read More »

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Does a new spouse's insurance have to cover you if you have a pre-existing condition even if you currently have your own plan but plan to cancel it?

Answer Yes, but you have to do it within 30 days of the marriage. This presumes you are talking about Employer Group Insurance. For more details see Read More »

Does a spouse automatically become liable for a mortgage loan?

Only the spouse listed on the mortgage loan deed and the title of the house is liable for the mortgage debt. If your spouse is not listed on the mortgage debt, she is not liable for the loan.Source... Read More »

Can I cancel a mortgage?

You cannot cancel a mortgage that is used to purchase a property. However, according to, a federal law called "the right of recession" allows you to cancel a second mortgage or home-eq... Read More »

How to Cancel a Second Mortgage?

Many people who take out second mortgages are unaware that they are filed as a second lien against their property, and create a second payment. Most second mortgages are adjustable-rate loans, whic... Read More »